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Fredrik Jansson

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As a Business Development Coach at KTH Innovation, I am enjoying the privilege of collaborating with the brilliant minds of researchers and students at KTH, actively contributing to the commercialization of their technological advancements and enhancing its societal impact. My academic foundation is rooted in a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from KTH, complemented by additional studies in economics at Stockholm University.

With a profound passion for the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship, my professional journey includes founding and managing several innovation-based companies. Specializing in industrial products and services, my focus is on delivering support to researchers, employees, and students, facilitating the successful commercialization of their pioneering research and business concepts. My background spans diverse sectors such as automotive, medtech, and robotics for semiconductors, consumer electronics and life science industries, with a global footprint in business development and sales across Europe, the USA, and Asia.

What fuels my professional fire? It's the joy of collaborating with dynamic minds in ever-evolving environments, collectively crafting solutions that not only are profitable, but elevate our world. I invite you to learn more about our work at KTH Innovation through our website and social media channels.

Profile picture of Fredrik Jansson