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Fredrik Schaufelberger

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About me

Fredrik Schaufelberger is assistant professor of supramolecular nanochemistry at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He obtained his undergraduate degree from at KTH and ETH Zürich (2007-2012), followed by PhD studies at KTH in the area of supramolecular and dynamic covalent chemistry (with Olof Ramström). Following his dissertation, he moved to the group of David A. Leigh at the Univerity of Manchester with a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (2017-2020). In Manchester, he was studying functional molecular knots and chemically fuelled molecular assemblies such as rotaxanes. After a research stay with Molly M. Stevens at Imperial College London (2020-2021), where he was working on biosensing and drug delivery, he took up his current position. He has a huge passion for beautiful molecules such as knots, and is spending a lot of time thinking on how molecular machines can be integrated in both materials and living systems.

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