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Publications by Hampus André



André, H. & Ljunggren, M. (2022). Short and long-term mineral resource scarcity impacts for a car manufacturer: The case of electric traction motors. Journal of Cleaner Production, 132140-132140.
Arvidsson, R., Soderman, M. L., Sanden, B. A., Nordelof, A., André, H. & Tillman, A.-M. (2020). A crustal scarcity indicator for long-term global elemental resource assessment in LCA. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 25(9), 1805-1817.
Bockin, D., Willskytt, S., André, H., Tillman, A.-M. & Soderman, M. L. (2020). How product characteristics can guide measures for resource efficiency - A synthesis of assessment studies. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 154.
Soderman, M. L. & André, H. (2019). Effects of circular measures on scarce metals in complex products - Case studies of electrical and electronic equipment. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 151.
André, H., Soderman, M. L. & Nordelof, A. (2019). Resource and environmental impacts of using second-hand laptop computers : A case study of commercial reuse. Waste Management, 88, 268-279.


André, H., Swenne, L. (2023). Secondhand shell jackets are better than users think : A comparison of perceived, assessed and measured functionality throughout lifespans. In Product lifetimes and the environment (PLATE): Proceedings. Espoo, Finland: Aalto University.
André, H., Söderman, M. L., Tillman, A. -. (2016). Circular economy as a means to efficient use of scarce metals?. Presented at 2016 Electronics Goes Green 2016+, EGG 2016.
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