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Karin Larsdotter

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Om mig

I am the Deputy Director of KTH Climate Action Centre - A centre for global transformation towards SDG 13 on Climate Action. My main responsibilities are engagement and public affairs.
KTH Climate Action Centre is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and research-focused centre to address climate mitigation and adaptation with:
• Disruptive multi-disciplinary climate action research
• Collaboration with policy and business
• Engagement with students and citizens

I am also Project Manager for Sustainable Development in research at KTH. KTH strives to be a leading university within research for sustainable development. I work for this vision to come true, by funding projects, with coaching, workshops, seminars, networking, bibliometric analyses, etc.

I hold a PhD in Applied Environmental Microbiology from KTH (2006). Since then, I have been working mainly with research, education, research collaboration, research communication, environment and sustainable development, Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), and climate.

Please visit Research for environment and sustainable development | KTH