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May 2, 2022
The Thunderbird

Merritt residents rebuild months after floods
“...Another way to approach flood-risk relates to planning for floods with land-use regulations, according to Kh Md Nahiduzzaman, an urban planner and engineer. He said that adequate planning for flooding with land-use regulations and controls “is not in place.” Nahiduzzaman said this has led to “more reactive than proactive” responses to flooding."

November 30, 2021
CTV News Vancouver
Many B.C. communities lack resources to create floodplain maps, study suggests

“(Floodplain maps) are a key and critical foundation for land use policies,” Nahid Uzzaman said. “If local governments would like to approve any new settlements in the form of subdivisions then floodplain maps play an important role, to what extent that it would be safe and sound and it’s not subject to any damages.”

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October 2020:

Building Okanagan Resiliency Utilizing Natural Assets

May 2020:
“...What we need is a shift in focus from a flood-protection approach to an adaptive resilience approach,” says Nahiduzzaman.

"...Given recent flooding and its disastrous consequences on communities throughout the region, this research project will help local governments make informed decisions to mitigate flood-related risks, says UBCO researcher Kh Md Nahiduzzaman"

Water Canada Reporting

New Partnership Aims to Address Flooding in Okanagan Valley
“Communities like Kelowna are facing flooding on a regular basis, so creating models based on historical trends and future projections is vital for decision-makers,” explained Nahiduzzaman