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Selected Research Grants

January 2021– January 2022

Floodplain maps inventory and pathway for flood-induced risk assessment for BC; Funded by BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) through Mitacs Accelerate Program, Canada; Research funding: C$75,000; Role: Lead Principal Investigator

February 2020 – March 2021

Analysis of Flood (Resilience) Policy/Planning Tools in the Okanagan Valley. Funded by Okanan Basin Water Board (OBWB), Canada; Research Funding: 37,500 C$; Role: Lead Principal Investigator
Press Release: UBCO, Castanet, Water Canada, Penticton Herald

April 2017 – April 2019

“Developing Place based Indicators: Toward Heathy Neighborhoods in Saudi Arabia”. Funded by Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR), KFUPM, Saudi Arabia; Research Grant: 40,897 US$; Role: Co-Principal Investigator

May 2016 – August 2018

“Analysis of building energy use patterns and models for renewable energy efficiency technologies of residential and commercial buildings in Saudi Arabia”; Funded by KA-CARE (King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy), Saudi Arabia; Role: Co-Task Leader: Environmental Mapping and Building Geospatial database

Partners: King Fahd University (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia; Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Germany; Research Grant (Phase-I): 240,000 US$

 December 2013 – December 2015

Operationalizing User-driven Resilience for Sustainability transitions in CITIES”; Funded by Watson Institute, Brown University, USA; Seed Grant: 10,000 US$; Role: Lead Principal Investigator

 March 2013 – December 2015

Making Riyadh Resilient to Future Floods: A Geospatial Approach to Reduce Vulnerability”. Funded by KACST (King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology), Saudi Arabia under NSTIP (National Science, Technology and Innovation Program) track; Research Grant: 251,740 US$; Role: Lead Principal Investigator

May 2014 – January 2016

“Re-designing the Community: Walkability as the Prime Determinant of Sustainability”. A GIS Application in Doha and Dana Districts of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Funded by: Deanship of Scientific Research, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia; Research Grant: 40,000 US$; Role: Lead Principal Investigator

April 2014 – June 2016

Socio-Cultural Analysis of Third Places through GIS: A case study of Al-Khobar. Funded by: Deanship of Scientific Research, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia; Research Grant: 96,000 US$; Role: Principal Investigator

January 2002 – January 2003

“Sustainable Land use Planning and Environmental Management for Salinity affected Regions of Bangladesh: A Case Study on Rupsha Thana” (Higher education link program between Urban and Rural Planning Discipline, Khulna University and University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK); Funded by: British Council and DFID, UK; Research Grant: 45,000 US$; Role: Co-Investigator.

February 2001 – February 2002

“Tourism and the Fisherman Communities of Kuakata: Strategies for their Sustenance in an era of Globalization”; Role: Research Assistant; Duration: 2001-2002; Funded by: DFID, UK under SUFER project; Research Grant: 12,000 US$; Role: Co-Investigator.