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Konstantinos Apostolopoulos Kalkavouras

Profilbild av Konstantinos Apostolopoulos Kalkavouras




Om mig

As a doctoral student in Energy Technology, my main research focus is the decarbonization of industrial heat by using thermal energy storage (TES) technologies. Currently, my research activities at KTH are mostly performed in the context of SHARP-sCO2 EU project:  Solar Hybrid Air-sCO2 Power Plants. A primary research goal is the development of innovative, cost-effective and energy efficient TES solutions that could help decarbonizing the energy sector and providing cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.


I graduated from the school of Chemical Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2020 and I hold an integrated master's Chemical Engineering degree with a specialization in "Functional and Multi-scale materials". I also obtained another master's degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering from KTH in 2023 and started my PhD in Energy Technology soon after.

Profilbild av Konstantinos Apostolopoulos Kalkavouras