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Aron Wajanga Kondoro

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Om mig

Ph.D. student at the Department of Electronics in KTH working under the iGrid project which is a SIDA-funded joint project between KTH in Sweden, and the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The project focuses on improving the delivery and operational efficiency of electrical power systems in Tanzania by conducting scientific research on ways to integrate information and communication technologies in the electricity generation and distribution process. One of the approaches showing potential is the use of smart micro-grids which are small scale power systems running autonomously and using locally available renewable resources to generate electric power.


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Research Description

Smart micro-grids are one of the new potential solutions that can solve the challenge of access to reliable electric power in developing countries. To realize these micro-grids, one of the main challenges is a robust and reliable communication infrastructure. This is needed to enable different components in the power system to communicate with each other and allow for smart control and management algorithms to efficiently manage the power distribution process, securely and autonomously. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can be used to solve this challenge. However, these technologies are still immature and have numerous security vulnerabilities.

The aim of our research is to develop a security-enhanced communication middleware system to be integrated in an agent-based IoT micro-grid. The study will be conducted in Tanzania whereby sites with solar-based power installations in Pwani region such as Kisiju, will be visited for data collection. Data on operational and technological challenges at these sited will be used to inform on the design of the new system.

Our research will help to ensure a more stable and reliable ICT system that can control the operation of a micro-grid more safely. Safety is a crucial requirement in the efforts of designing and implementing smarter and autonomous power systems in general. If safety cannot be guaranteed, it becomes difficult both technically and legally to easily deploy smart micro-grids in the real world. A secure system will minimize this risk. It will allow smart micro-grids to be easily deployable in a It will help in solving the challenge of access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy in developing countries.

Keywords: Smart-grid, Micro-grid, Security, IoT

Aron Research on Biteable.

Brief CV

Aron Kondoro received his Master of Science degree in Information and Communication Systems Security from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH - Sweden) in 2012 and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Dar-es-Salaam in 2007.

He is an Assistant Lecturer in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department at the University of Dar-es-Salaam (UDSM), Tanzania. Currently, he is a PhD student at KTH/UDSM doing research in using smart grid technologies to design and implement more efficient, reliable and autonomous solar-driven microgrids for off-grid rural communities. His other research and consultancy activities are focused on analyzing ICT systems security and using mobile technologies to design applications for educational and financial use-cases.