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Lisa Ericsson

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Lisa has held a number of roles at KTH since 2002 and today she is CEO of the investment arm KTH Holding AB (2006) and the founder and head of KTH Innovation (2007). She holds several board seats in the innovation ecosystem and she is a member of the advisory council at PRV the Swedish intellectual property office.

Previously she has held a range of different positions in the academic sphere and has served as a research assistant in the field of entrepreneurship for two years.

Lisa has a degree in Business Administration from Orebro University and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She has taken complementary courses at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Stockholm School of Economics and Cambridge University.

Lisa is an engaging and motivated leader with a strong passion to create impact through innovation. She has over 25 years’ experience of working with innovation and entrepreneurship tied closely to the academic sphere.

Profilbild av Lisa Ericsson