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Latest MSc research thesis supervised

2023, Melina Sattelmeier, Adaptive Design of Fishways - How can bypasses be designed to fit large discharge fluctuations?

2023, Michelle Eriksson, Evaluating the Feasibility of Implementing Ecological Flows for Habitat Enhancement at Fridafors Hydropower plant          

2023, Julia Markström, Effects of maintenance on the efficiency of NBS for urban flood management  

2023, Elin Ekström, Flood mitigation at catchment scale: assessing the effectiveness of constructed wetlands              

2023, Mak Uscuplic Saravanja, Land Use Changes After Drought Periods in California, USA                          

2022, Axel Risling, Evaluation of a change detection approach to map global flood extents using Sentinel-1

2022, Emma Knapik, An analysis of the understanding of maintenance of nature-based solutions for urban stormwater management

2022, Ana Gil Merino, Adapted fish friendly operation of small-scale hydropower plants: an economic analysis

2022, Snærós Axelsdóttir, Efficiency of sustainable urban drainage systems during flash floods

2022, Zhixian Hu, Modelling the Human-Flood Interactions - Effects of different societal risk perceptions on flood losses

2021, Francesca Polato, Fish habitat rehabilitation in the stretch Skålan ­ Äldern

2021, Jakob Olofsson, Impact of newspaper coverage on risk perception of hydrological natural hazards in Sweden

2021, Evelina Andersson, Flood modelling in urban areas - a comparative study of MIKE 21 and SCALGO live

2021, Fredrik Schück, Implementation of Citizen Science in Urban Pluvial Flood Modelling

2021, Feixiong Qu, Effects of modified river cross-section geometry on hydraulic modelling performance: the slope break method

2020, Firoza Akhter, Analysis of floodplain population dynamics in the USA from 1790 to 2010

2020, Elin Andersson, Flood inundation modelling in urban areas due to cloudburst events – A comparative study of MIKE 21 and MIKE FLOOD

2020, Stefano Mori, Spatio-temporal dynamics of flood regulating services in the Arno river basin

2020, Alessio Origgi, Comparison between hydraulic and hydrologic routing models under different scenario of cross- section geometry availability 

2019, Tamara Michaelis, Simulating Spatial and Temporal Flood Risk Dynamics with a Coupled Agent-Based and Hydraulic Model 

2019, Joakim Larsen, A probabilistic approach to estimate scour downstream of bed sills 

2019 Theodora Neromylioti, Estimating the probability of levee failure for flood risk mapping. An application to Paglia River

2018, Andrea Reali, Potentialities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Hydraulic Modelling 

2018, Milos Dinic, and Victor Alejandro Ortiz Pena, Satellite derived data to support flood modelling. An application to the Po River 

2017, Anna Söderberg, Turning smart water meter data into useful information. A case study on rental apartments in Södertälje

2017, Josefin Andersson, Hållbar Dagvattenhantering på Kvartersmark

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