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Past PhD supervision

I was co-supervisor of the PhD work carried out by Ferdous Ruknul, at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education (Delft, NL). Ferdous defended his PhD (funded by the Dutch Research Council), in January 2020. 

Ferdous analyzed the feedback dynamics between population and flooding in the lower reach of the Jamuna floodplain, in Bangladesh, following a sociohydrological approach based on empirical evidence.

Socio-hydrological spaces in the Jamuna river, Bangladesh

Published papers:

Ferdous, M.R., Di Baldassarre, G., Brandimarte, L. and A. Wesselink (2020). The interplay between structural flood protection, population density, and flood mortality along the Jamuna River, Bangladesh, Regional Environmental Change 20:5,

Ferdous, M.R.; Wesselink, A.; Brandimarte, L.; Slager, K.; Zwarteveen, M.; Di Baldassarre, G. (2019). The Costs of Living with Floods in the Jamuna Floodplain in Bangladesh, Water, 11, 1238.

Ferdous, M.R., Anna Wesselink, Luigia Brandimarte, Giuliano Di Baldassarre & Md Mizanur Rahman (2019). The levee effect along the Jamuna River in Bangladesh, Water International, 10.1080/02508060.2019.1619048

Ferdous, M.R., Wesselink, A., Brandimarte, L., Slager, K., Zwarteveen, M. and Di Baldassarre, G (2018). Socio-hydrological spaces in the Jamuna River floodplain in Bangladesh, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 22, 5159–5173, 2018,