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Publications by Mauricio Sodré Ribeiro



Thomas, J.-B., Ribeiro, M. S., Potting, J., Cervin, G., Nylund, G. M., Olsson, J. ... Gröndahl, F. (2020). A comparative environmental life cycle assessment of hatchery, cultivation, and preservation of the kelp Saccharina latissima. ICES Journal of Marine Science.
Sterner, M., Ribeiro, M. S., Gröndahl, F. & Edlund, U. (2017). Cyclic fractionation process for Saccharina latissima using aqueous chelator and ion exchange resin. Journal of Applied Phycology, 29(6), 3175-3189.
Pechsiri, J. S., Thomas, J. B. E., Risén, E., Ribeiro, M. S., Malmström, M. E., Nylund, G. M. ... Gröndahl, F. (2016). Energy performance and greenhouse gas emissions of kelp cultivation for biogas and fertilizer recovery in Sweden. Science of the Total Environment, 573, 347-355.
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