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Mehrdad Rezaei Golghand

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I received my bachelor's degree in Atomic and molecular physics from the University of Tabriz, and I got my master’s degree in Photonics from Shahid Beheshti University. My main research was in the field of Cold Plasma and its applications in different industries.

I was involved in several research projects including:
DBD Plasma for Food research, Cold Atmospheric Plasma Jet for Packaging, printing, Medical and automobile industries, low-pressure cold plasma for disinfection, and wound healing, Applications of cold Plasma include Plasma Jet with helium and air, DBD and Gliding Discharge in polymer industries, ozone generators, etc.

I am currently a Ph.D. student in electrical engineering and a member of the Micro and Nanosystems Division (MST) at the EECS School. Prof. Joachim Oberhammer supervises my thesis on the interaction of high-frequency electromagnetic waves with Micro-Plasma.