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Matias Ignacio Müller Riquelme

Profilbild av Matias Ignacio Müller Riquelme

Om mig

I was born in October 30th, 1990 in Viña del Mar, Chile. On November 2012 I received the BSc. In Electronic Engineering, and on November 2015 the MSc. in Electronic Engineering degree with a major in Automatic Control, together with my Electronics Engineering degree, at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM) in Valparaíso, Chile.

I started my PhD studies on September 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Cristian R. Rojas at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My main interests are applications of machine learning techniques in automatic control problems, such as system identification.

On May 2019 I received the degree of Teknologie Licentiat from KTH. My licentiate thesis is titled "Regret and Risk Optimal Design in Control", and explores system identifaction problems from a multi-armed bandit perspective, as well as control design using measures from theory of risk in finance.