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Upcoming and completed presentations/seminars/workshops

  • 21st December, 2020, "Computational medicinal chemistry and some introduction to data-driven approaces", a lecture delivered at International Scientist Meet at Holy Gross college, Trichi, India

  • 25th November, 2020, "Peptide based drugs", a lecture for Drug development course.

  • 23th November, 2020, A workshop entitled "Computational Assessment of bioactive compounds of therapeutic significance'', has been organized jointly with Prof. Saheed Sabiu, Durban University of Technology, South Africa and Dr. Vaibhav, KTH in the conference SASUF Goes Digital: 2020 Edition

  • 23th November, Delivered a lecture entitled "Current status of computational therapeutics development''  in an international conference, "SASUF Goes Digital: 2020 Edition'' organized by SASUF, Uppsala, Sweden

  • 6th November, 2020 "In silico drug design", a lecture for Drug development course.

  • 15th September, 2020 Invited talk entitled "Developing therapeutics using computational screening approaches: Where we are now?" in an international conference organized at Central University of Gujarath, India. 

  • 9th September, 2020 invited talk entitled "Sustainable Drug Discovery Practices with the Use of Computers" in an international seminar/webinar organized at TPCollege, Madhepura, India.

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