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Naveen Mohan

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About me

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My research interests lie in the field of Autonomous Systems, and in particular Automated Driving. The primary topics in my work are Architecting and Functional Safety in an industrial context. 

For a full publication list, please refer to my google scholar page:
WIP: Some of my preprints can be found at arxiv


As part of my research, I lead the team developing a simulation platform to validate research on Automated Driving at Mechatronics. Feel free to contact me for Internships and thesis work.

Current Projects:

PRYSTINE: Primary project and funding source.
PRYSTINE is an EU ECSEL joint undertaking with the Swedish consortium represented by KTH and Scania. At KTH, it also represents the continuation of the ARCHER project and is a large part of our ongoing collaborations with Scania. 


Previous Projects:

ARCHER: Architecture and Safety for Autonomous Heavy Vehicles



MF2058     Mechatronics, Advanced Course Spring Semester    9.0 credits

MF2059     Mechatronics, Advanced Course, Fall semester        15.0 credits

MF133X     Degree Project in Mechatronics, First Cycle              15.0 credits

MF2044      Embedded Systems for Mechatronics II                     6.0 credits