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1. EsmaeildoostN., Zolghadr, S. H., & Jafari, S., Journal of Applied Physics, (2017) 121, 113106 (download article).

2. Esmaeildoost, N., & Jafari, S., Laser and Particle Beams (2017), 35(2), 241 (download article).

3.  Esmaeildoost, N., Jafari, S. & Abbasi, E., Eur. Phys. J. Plus (2016), 131,192 (download article).

4. Esmaeildoost, N., & Jafari, S., Iranian Journal of Physics,16, 351-358 (Domestic journal, paper published in Persian).

5. Pathak, H., Späh, A., Esmaeildoost, N., Sellberg, J. A., Kim, K. H., Perakis, F., … Nilsson, A. (2021). Enhancement and maximum in the isobaric specific-heat capacity measurements of deeply supercooled water using ultrafast calorimetry. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America118 (6) (download article).

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