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Research and Project Involvement

Research Interests

Energy Systems and Efficiency Improvement, Renewable Energy, System Integration and Optimization, Thermal Application, Distributed Energy Systems, District Heating and Cooling, Energy Storage, Polygeneration

PhD Thesis available at Diva

Tek. Lic. Thesis available at Diva


IEA Energy Conservation Through Energy Storage Annex Involvement

ECES Task 41 Economics of Energy Storage (EcoEneSto) 

SHC Task42/ ECES Annex 24 Compact Thermal Energy Storage: Material Development for System Integration, Active Member

Annex 28 Integration of Renewable Energies by Distributed Energy Storage Systems, Workpackage Leader

Annex 30 Thermal Energy Storage for Cost Effective Energy Management and CO2 Mitigation, Workpackage Leader


Research Project Involvement

Cold Thermal Energy Storage, STEM, 2008-2013, project executor.

SELECT+, Erasmus Mundus Double PhD Programme, 2013, assistant director.

Heat on Wheels, Energy Agency, 2014-2015, project executor.

Phase Change Material, Energy Agency, 2014-2016, PhD co-supervisor.

PCM Based Heat Transfer Studies, Energy Agency, 2015-2018, PhD co-supervisor.

UNISET, FP7, 2015-2017, KTH representative.

INPATH-TES, MOOCs Development, H2020, 2015-2017, work package 3 leader, PhD co-supervisor.

ME3, Erasmus+ Joint MSc Programme, 2015-2019, KTH coordinator.

ME3, Double Degree MSc Programme, 2019-2021, KTH coordinator.

DENSYS, Erasmus+ Joint MSc Programme, 2019-now, KTH coordinator.

TESCONSOL Spin off, EIT KIC Innoenergy, 2014-now, co-founder and CFO.

Effective energy active envelopes (EAE) integrated low temperature heating and high temperature cooling, Boverket, 2019-2021, co-applicant.

ERANET IntegrCity, H2020, 2016-2018, co-applicant.

PUMP HEAT, H2020, 2017-2021, work package 3 leader.

Compact Minichannel Latent Energy Storage with Air for Cooling Applications, Termo, 2019-2021, PhD co-supervisor, co-applicant.

High Resolution GIS District Heating Source-Load Mapping (HiReSoLo), Termo 2020-2023, co-applicant.

Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System (StoRIES), Green Deal 2021-2024, KTH Principle Investigator.

Unite! European University Alliance, WP8, 2020-2022.

Circular Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Storage – IEA Annex Co-coordination, Swedish Energy Agency 2021-2024, Principle Investigator, PhD main supervisor.

Hybrid services from advanced thermal energy storage systems (HYSTORE), Horizon, 2022-2026, PhD co-supervisor, co-applicant.

HEating Cooling Transition and Acceleration with Phase change energy Utilization Storage (HECTAPUS), 2022-2025, Principle Investigator, PhD main supervisor.

International Joint Research and Development of Innovative High-temperature thermal energy storage technology, NEDO, 2021-2024, KTH Principle Investigator.


Conference and Workshop Organization

ASME Power Conference, Track 1-7 Renewable Energy Systems: Solar, Wind, Hydro and Geothermal, Charlotte, USA, 26-30 June, 2017.

IEA ECES Annex 28 Expert Workshop, Distributed Energy Storage for the Integration of Renewable Energies - DESIRE, Stockholm, Sweden, Apr 27-29 2016.

H2020 INPATH-TES Workshop on E-Learning, Perugia, Italy, Oct 19-21, 2015.

IEA ECES Annex 30 First Expert Workshop, TES for Cost Effective Energy Management and CO2 Mitigation, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct 29-30 2015.

Sustainable Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Jun 13-16, 2010.

2nd IIR Workshop on Refrigerant Charge Reduction in Refrigerating Systems, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Jun 16-17, 2010.

International Energy Workshop, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Jun 21-23, 2010.