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Theses Supervision and Examination


Dr. Mr. Amir Abdi, Heat Transfer Enhancement of Latent Thermal Energy Storage in Rectangular Components, 2022

Dr. Mr. Tianhao Xu, Integrating Latent Heat Storage into Residential Heating Systems: A study from material and component characterization to system analysis, 2021

Dr. Mr. Shoma Fujii, Thermochemical Energy Storage and Transport System of Unused Heat from Sugar Mill Utilizing Zeolite Ad/Desorption Cycle, 2020

Dr. Mr. José Fiacro Castro Flores, Low-Temperature Based Thermal Micro-Grids: Operation and Performance Assessments, 2018

Dr. Ms. Saman Nimali Gunasekara, Phase Equilibrium-aided Design of Phase Change Materials from Blends: For Thermal Energy Storage, 2017

Ongoing PhD with MSc. Mr. Edson Manyumbu, Combined PCM-Desiccant Application for Passive Indoor Comfort in Warm and Humid Climates (preliminary title)

Ongoing PhD with MSc. Mr. Felipe Ignacio Gallardo, Circular Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Storage (preliminary title)

Ongoing PhD with MSc. Ms. Lianying Shan, Integration of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage and Heat Pump; High Temperature Latent Heat Reactor Design (preliminary title)

Ongoing PhD with MSc. Mr. Haoyang Dong, Heat Pump Integrated Energy Storage for Heating/Cooling with Energy Storage Circular Economic Aspects (preliminary title)


MScs (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023)

MSc. Mr. Pere Abelló Sunyer, Top-down cost assessment and market regulatory conditions affecting BESS feasibility in the Spanish framework: Exploring the viability of utility-scale stand-alone Battery Energy Storage Systems in Spain, KTH, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Mr. Diego Molina Mendizábal, Substation Digitalization for Medium Voltage Urban Distribution Networks, Omexom, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Ms. Andrea Stafverfeldt, Offshore Hydrogen Production and Storage for Wave Energy Application, Noviocean, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Mr. Guillaume Larrat, Open-Circuit Voltage Hysteresis Measurement – Voltage Relaxation Behaviour, Volvo, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Ms. Mariel Alkindar Soares, Exploring the Feasibility of Resellers in the Battery Diagnostics Industry, Volytica diagnostics GmbH, Germany, 2023.

MSc. Ms. Parvathi Maya Thampi, Feasibility analysis of a PV-H2-Battery system for a data center in Luleå, RISE, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Mr. Henrik von Sivers and MSc. Mr. Theodor Ingman, Unlocking the Potential of Battery Energy Storage Systems in the Nordic Frequency Regulation Markets, WSP Strategic Energy Advisory, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Mr. Petter Larsson, Investigation of a Balanced Swedish Energy System in 2045, Flower Technologies, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Mr. Santiago Moreano Rojas, Battery Storage Implementation in Sweden and Sizing Software Development, Infratek Sverige AB (Omexom), Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Mr. Graham Kirn, Carbon Capture from Biomass Boiler Flue Gas Emissions using Microalgae, Danone AB, Sweden, 2023.

MSc. Mr. Mit Rakesh Surati, Experimental characterization of a specific chemisorbent and a physisorbent for direct air capture application, TNO, the Netherlands, 2022.

MSc. Mr. Joakim Ginste, Comprehensive Study of Meta-heuristic Algorithms for Optimal Sizing of BESS in Multi-energy system, KTH, Sweden, 2022.

MSc. Mr. Sidharth Kapoor, Energy Usage in Railway Wayside Object Heating, KTH, Sweden, 2022.

MSc. Mr. Olle Cedell, Supercooling Simulation of Latent Heat Based Storage, KTH, Sweden, 2022.

MSc. Ms. Jennifer Lorena Schurr, Laminar Flame Propagation of Hydrogen Combustion, Aalto, Finland, 2022.

MSc. Ms. Adèle Brick, EV Charging Infrastructure in Stockholm, OMEXOM, Sweden, 2022.

MSc. Mr. Rakesh Ramesh, Seawater Heat Recovery by the Utilisation of Phase Change Heat of Freezing, Aalto, Finland, 2022.

MSc. Ms. Kristina Stefanovic, Technical Feasibility Study on Retrofitting an Industrial Power Plant to a Combined Gas and Steam Turbine Cycle, DSD Power, Germany, 2021.

MSc. Ms. Hemashree Kakar, Enlarged Bolt Holes in Wind Turbine Tower Flanges, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, The Netherlands 2021.

MSc. Ms. Andrea Bourgos, Battery Grade Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate Production Processes, Northvolt, Sweden, 2021.

MSc. Mr. Kapil Vaidya and MSc. Mr. Xavier Navarro Palau, Coolant Filling Simulation Model in 1D with GT-Suite, Scania, Sweden, 2021.

MSc. Ms. Alice Rauch, Life Cycle Assessment of the high temperature solid electrolyzer for hydrogen production, Liten-CEA, France, 2021.

MSc. Ms. Rebecca Xiaomin Han, China’s Renewable Energy Policy Strategies and Development Pathways towards Carbon Neutral – Carbon Neutrality 2060, Trivium China, 2021.

MSc. Ms. Alexandra Jerresand and MSc. Ms. Micaela Diamant, Energy Usage of Smart Wayside Object Controllers, Trafikverket, Sweden, 2021.

MSc. Mr. Rasam Sheibeh, Evaluation of available electricity storage technologies and the possible economic gain for Växjö Energi, Växjö, Sweden, 2021.

MSc. Mr. Ming-Hsuan Hu, Investigation of Using Spiral Coil and Slab Encapsulation Heat Exchanger for Latent Heat Storage, KTH, Sweden, 2020.

MSc. Ms. Emma Nyholm Humire, Modelling Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage with Novel PCM Encapsulation Design, EU H2020 Pump Heat, Sweden, 2020.

MSc. Ms. Esther Buitrago Villaplana, LCC and LCA for Low Temperature Heating Integrated withEnergy Active Envelope Systems, LOWTE, Sweden, 2020.

MSc. Ms. Flurina Cristina Heuberger, Analysis of the Current State of the Art in Energy Auditing from the perspective of Energy Flexibility, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 2020.

MSc. Mr. Joseph Antony, Techno-Economic Assessment of Pyrolysis of Waste Plastics to Diesel Fuel in Ghana, Renetech, Sweden, 2020.

MSc. Ms. Stina Busin, Cold Thermal Storage in Commercial Buildings : A study and comparison of different cold storage solutions for the property Nöten 3 (Swedish), Vasakronan ab, Sweden, 2020.

MSc. Ms. Caitlyn Tzou, Analysis of Manpower and Energy Utilization of the Tesla Fremont Factory, Tesla, California, USA, 2019

MSc. Ms. Dos Santos Charline, Synergies between agriculture and solar energy, EDF Renewable, Paris, France, 2019

MSc. Mr. Guillaume Martin, Production facilities design in district heating systems, ENGIE Réseaux, Paris, France, 2019

MSc. Mr. James Tonny Manalal, Automated Optimization of Sorption Enhanced Processes, TNO, The Netherlands, 2019

MSc. Mr. Jiacheng Lin, Supercooling Minimization of Phase Change Materials, Zhejiang University, China, 2019

MSc. Mr. Haoran Teng, Supercooling Minimization of Phase Change Materials, Zhejiang University, China, 2019

MSc. Mr. Kim Jaconelli Palm, An Evaluation of Sustainable Designs for Trucks-a life cycle analysis, Scania AB, Sweden, 2019

MSc. Mr. Luis Alejandro Vergara Intriago, Building the (inter) national value chain around seaweed, TNO, The Netherlands, 2019

MSc. Ms. Nicole Nembhard, Safe, Sustainable Discharge of EV batteries as a pre-treatment step to crushing in the recycling process, Northvolt AB, Sweden, 2019

MSc. Mr. Rudolf Kerekes, Electrolyte flow rate controlfor Hydrogen Bromine Flow Batteries, Elestor B.V., The Netherlands, 2019

MSc. Mr. Yousif Muhammad, Prototyping and Testing, EU H2020 Pump Heat, Sweden, 2019

MSc. Mr. Tomas Li, Developing a Bottom Up Cost Calculation Model and Methodology for Thermal Storage Applications, ECES, IEA, Sweden, 2019

MSc. Mr. Bjørnar Vattøy, Techno-economic evaluation of heat-driven cooling solutions for utilization of district heat in Aalesund, Norway, Tafjord Kraftvarme, Aalesund, Norway, 2018

MSc. Mr. Oscar Blanco Fernández, Analysis and dimensioning of a large scale solar cooking system: A solution for the Base of the Pyramid market, Renetech AB, Sweden, 2018

MSc. Mr. Paul Raymond Graham, Control of Residential Battery Charge Scheduling using Machine Learning, School of Science and Technology, KTH, Sweden, 2018

MSc. Mr. Rami Alfasfos, Cavern Thermal Energy Storage forDistrict Cooling: Feasibility Study on Mixing Mechanism in Cold Thermal Energy Storage, Norrenergi AB, Sweden, 2018

MSc. Ms. Martha Patricia Rivero Arrieta, Overall Costs Analysis for ​​a New type of Wave Energy System, SINN Power GmbH, Germany, 2018

MSc. Ms. Maria Carolina Nocua Sanchez, Social innovation in the energy sector, event planning and research support in various fields, IKEM, Germany, 2018

MSc. Mr. Cong Tri Nguyen, Simulation and testing of the Food Quality in Refrigerators, Electrolux AB, Sweden, 2018

MSc. Mr. Antonio Chavez Junco, Techno-economic analysis of conversion options to transform the existing German natural gas pipelines for hydrogen transport, Forschungszentrums Jülich, Germany, 2018.