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Alan Pinoy

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Lindstedtvägen 25


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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Differential Geometry & General Relativity group. Before that, I was a Ph.D candidate at the University of Montpellier.

My scientific interests lie in the study of negatively curved (mainly open) manifolds, and more broadly in the fields of Einstein metrics and geometric analysis. Specifically, my work concerns the study of open manifolds whose (local or global) geometry at infinity is modelled on that of a non compact rank 1 symmetric space (i.e hyperbolic spaces), the construction and the understanding of asymptotic invariants, and the associated rigidity properties. This naturally led me to become interested in elliptic theory and geometric PDEs, spin techniques, and geometric inequalities.


Calculus in Several Variables (SF1626), assistant | Course web

Degree Project in Mathematical Statistics, Second Cycle (SF290X), teacher | Course web