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Peter Larsson

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About me

Hi there,

My name is Peter Larsson and I have. een with communication theory at KTH since 2010 when I started my PhD studies. My area for the PhD is on the performance analysis of retransmission-schemes (ARQ/HARQ).

CV in short:

  • 2018: PhD thesis "On performance analysis of retransmission schemes with fading channels" defended, and PhD finilized.
  • 2010-........: Excellence-PhD Student position, KTH, Communication theory
  • 1995-2010: Senior Specialist, Ericsson Research
  • 2009.........: Guest scholar at Harvard 2009
  • 1995.........: M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, KTH
  • 1997-2009: about 235 patents awarded, with about 100 patent families.
  • 2004.........: Awarded Ericsson Inventor of the year 2004
    Motivation: “Peter has been the key inventor within Ericsson Research when securing technology leadership in 4G and "3G evolution" radio access....
  • Listed as the (per share) most productive Swedish inventor 2004-07,
    (Swedish Entrepreneurship forum, Lund univ., Tab. 2, p. 16)
  • Ericsson standardization responsible for IEEE 802.11
  • International experience from work/studies in six countries.
    Singapore 2y, Germany 1y, Australia 1/2y, US 1/2y, England 1/4y, and Sweden.
  • Extensive practical (and theoretical) experience since age of 13 in radio/wireless comm./electronic design

Examples of papers:

Examples of some important wireless inventions:

  • Wireless Full Duplex Technologies F(iled) 06+07 US8244190, US8228878
  • Line-of-Sight MIMO: F 03+04, WO2005062426, US7948444 **
  • Coordinated MultiPoint / "Network-MIMO"​: F 03, US7706477, US7924949 ***
  • Cyclic Delay Diversity: I(nvented) 98, F 00, US6842487
  • Physical Layer Network Coding: I 99, F 03, US7336930
  • Network Coding Bidirectional Relaying: F 04, US7920501
  • Network Coding ARQ: F 04, US8605642
  • Network Coding Ad hoc Network "COPE"​: F 04, US8605642
  • Opportunistic Routing: I 99, F 00, US6788670, US6798765

At Ericsson, I invented and established following technoligies and research areas:

  1. Network coded unicast/multicast ARQ 2004,
  2. Network coded bidirectional relaying 2004
  3. Bidirectional relaying w self-IC 1999
  4. Opportunistic routing 1999
  5. Line of sight MIMO 2003
  6. Cyclic delay diversity 1998 
  7. CoMP-RX / Network MIMO 2003
  8. Full duplex MIMO Relaying 2005

Summary of innovation achievements:

Ericsson (non-US) top-10-inventors and # of granted patents: 1995-2010


* Report: (Tab. 3)
** PR-video at: