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News from the NAVET Center

2018-05-28 3-day course by Roger B. Dannenberg at our department: Computer Assisted Music Composition
2018-05-25 Ludvig Elblaus defens his PhD thesis Crafting Experience - Designing Digital Musical Instruments for Long-Term Use in Artistic Practice 
2017-10-30 KTH A new 4-year project funded by the Swedish Research Council: Robust Non-Verbal Expression in Virtual Agents and Humanoid Robots: New Methods for Augmenting Stylized Gestures with Sound 
2017-06-07 KTH Sch – lyssna på KTH:s ljudforskning!
2016-01-06 The Sound and Music Computing group has collaborated to the realisation of GYN♀IDES – CIRCUS FEMALE INTELLIGENTSIA
2015-02-09 KTH Forskarna för förskolebarnen framåt
2014-07-23 KTH Towards a more human robot
2013-09-02 Wired  Rencon: a 'Turing Test for musical expression'
2012-12-17 KTH Forskning inom området för känslor och musik
2012-06-14 KTH Research in the field of emotions and music


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