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Malvina Roci

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Om mig

Malvina Roci is a researcher in Circular Manufacturing Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Her research is focused on developing analysis methods and tools to support manufacturing industry in its transition from linear to circular manufacturing systems that are economically viable and environmentally sustainable. In particular, she employs complex  systems modelling and simulation  to capture the systemic and dynamic nature of circular manufacturing systems for enhanced decision-making.

Malvina holds a PhD in Circular Manufacturing Systems from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Additionally, she holds a M.Sc. in Production Engineering and Management from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.


  • H2020 ReCiPSS - Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems: Large scale implementation of Circular Manufacturing Systems
  • CATALY(C)ST - Youth Change makers as catalysts for a transition to a sustainable circular economy.
  • CE@KTH - The KTH initiative on Circular Economy
  • FP7 ResCoM - Resource Conservative Manufacturing :Developing a systems-led decision making tool and methodology to support manufacturers in transitioning to closed-loop industrial systems
  • Produktion2030 CEPort - Material Passport : A digital platform for manufacturing industry to implement Circular Production Systems
  • EUREKA Eurostars SerBIT - Integrated IT-platform to support OEMs in implementing Service Based Business Model
  • Produktion2030 CiNergy-Circular Manufacturing in Energy Industry: An assessment of circular business model potential


MG2033 Quality Control - Lecturer inDesign of Experiments

MG2043 Circular Manufacturing Systems - Lecturer


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[12] de Giorgio, A., Cacace, S., Maffei, A., Monetti, F.M., Roci, M., Onori, M., Wang, L., 2022.Assessing the influence of expert video aid on assembly learning curves. J. Manuf. Syst. 62, 263–269.


Circular Manufacturing Systems: Complex systems modelling and simulation for enhanced decision-making - Doctoral thesis, 2022

Minimizing Variation in Width and Height of Cutting Tool Inserts - Master thesis, 2016


Cirkulära tillverkningssystem (MG2043), lärare | Kurswebb