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Rebecca Rubin

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Om mig

Rebecca Rubin is an urban planner and architect SAR/MSA, she is multiple rewarded and internationally recognised for her work onnorm-creativeand equitable design. She is sharing here time between teaching at the Architecture department of the Royal Institute of Technology and operating as Head of Social Sustainability at Sveafastigheter (a foresighted Swedish housing developer). During the last year Rebecca has also taken on the position as MDA (Mayor´s Design Advocat) in London, working with the GLA (GreaterLondon Autority) and developers to improve equity in design processes and design solutions in the developments in London.

Previously Rebecca has been working at White Arkitekter (2010-2021), leading the "WhiteResaechLab, (department Urban planning), and developing a wide range of projects, from housing, to parcs, interior design and urban planning. As a common thread through the projects Rebeccas has been advocating for, and pushing boarders on gender equality and diversity trough design.


Arkitekturprojekt 3:1, Stadsbyggnad (A31P1A), lärare | Kurswebb

Examensarbete inom arkitektur, grundnivå (A31EXA), lärare | Kurswebb

Projekt 3:2 Stadsrum och landskap (A31P2D), lärare | Kurswebb

Profilbild av Rebecca Rubin