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Sanja Duvnjak Zarkovic

Profilbild av Sanja Duvnjak Zarkovic

Om mig

I finished my Bachelor and Master studies in Electrical Engineering at Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. I worked for two years in DMS Schneider Electric NS, Serbia as a Power Engineer and Software Developer.

I joined QED Asset Management group as a PhD candidate in February 2017. The title of my project is "Security of Supply in Local Power Distribution Systems". This project is financed by SweGRIDS. My supervisors are Docent Patrik Hilber and Dr Ebrahim Shayesteh.

To study and improve methods for the security of supply of one of society’s most important energy carriers has a very high energy relevance. Efficient and reliable transport of electric energy is a key factor for its role in society. 

With higher demands on reliability from both customers and regulators, efficient solutions for reliability improvements are of increasing interest. This should be especially considered in the context of a changing power system, in general the pace of changes and in particular with the potential of more intermittent power generation and storage on local levels.

This project deals with apparatus for improving security of supply of mainly local power systems. The objective is minimizing customer interruption costs and other corresponding measures of reliability performance, using monitoring control devices. 

For this project a number of different case studies are relevant, primarily cases representing urban and rural settings in different stages ranging from the planning of new networks to systems with heavy reinvestments needs.


Tillförlitlighetsanalys för elkraftsystem (EI2452), assistent | Kurswebb

Profilbild av Sanja Duvnjak Zarkovic