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Scientific Merits


Messen is wissen

1980 – 1985                                Undergraduate student at the Royal Institute of Technology(KTH)

1985 – 1989                                PhD student at the Royal Institute of Technology  (KTH)

Dec 1994                                     Docent in “Atomic and molecular physics” 

June 1989 – July 1990:           Post-Doc at Max‑Planck Institute in

                                                      Heidelberg, Germany

July 1990 – Oct 1992:              Research assistant (“Forskarassistent”) at the Manne Siegbahn Institute

May 94 – Oct 2019                   Employed at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, (former FOA today FOI)


June 1999 – June 2005         Adjunct lecturer at the Department of Meteorology at 

                                                    Agency in the area of underwater technology

June 2005 – June 2018         Adjunct Professor at the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University

Oct 2019 –                                Happy Researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)



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  • US Patent: Method of estimation target signals by a dynamical fluxgate sensor, US7009392. 2006
  • EU patent: Schätzung von Zielsignalen durch einen dynamischen Fluxgate-Sensor, EP1423720.
  • Patent number: 1300635-8, SE 537346:  Vector sensor for measuring particle motion in a medium. 2018


·      Awarded the Gåsefjärds-fellowship for exceptional contribution to research in the underwater naval warfare (Appendix G)



·      2010: Yuzhu You and Ann Henderson-Sellers (eds), Climate alert : climate change monitoring and strategy, Chapter 8, You, Y; Rossby, T; Zenk, W; Illahude, AG; Fukasawa, M; Davis, R; Hu, D; Susanto, D; RIchardson, PL; Villanoy, C; Liu, CT; Lee, JH; Molcard, R; Pandoe, WW; Koga, M; Qu, T; Fine, RA; Gabric, Albert Jerome; Robertson, R; Masumoto, Y; Riser, S; Hasumi, H; Sigray, P; Lee, T Indonesian Throughflow: PACific Source Water Investigation (PACSWIN)

  • 2012: Popper, A. N. and Hawkins, A.  eds. (2012).  Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life. Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, New York.
  • 2014: Gill, A.B., Gloyne-Phillips, I., Kimber, J.A. & Sigray, P. (2014). Marine renewable energy, electromagnetic fields and EM-sensitive animals. In: Humanity and the Sea: marine renewable energy and the interactions with the environment. Eds. M. Shields & A. Payne.


  • 2014: Hur mycket ljud tål havet? Havsutsikt nummer 1, 2014.
  • 2014: Monitoring Guidelines for Underwater Noise in European Seas, part I – III.
  • 2016: Underlag för reglering av undervattensljud vid pålning. Vindval, rapport 6723 2016.
  • 2017: Åtgärder för att minska sjöfartens påverkan på miljön. Havsmiljöinstitutet, rapport
  • 2020: Underlagsrapport till miljömålsutredningen
  • 2020: Management and monitoring of underwater noise in European Seas, Communication Report
  • 2021: Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), framework for assessing continuous underwater noise
  • 2022: Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), European Thresholds values for impulsive and continuous noise


Doctoral students

  • Gao Hui. My role was assistant supervisor for two years. I stopped working after two years and could not supervise anymore. Dissertation Stockholm 1996. Title: Low energy electron-ion recombination at CRYRING, ISBN-91-7153-544-6
  • Tim Fristedt. Dissertation Stockholm 2000. Title: Motionally Induced Voltages in Near-Shore Environments, ISBN 91-7265-067-2. My role was to be supervisor; however, I was formally not allowed to act as main supervisor
  • Jenny Nilsson. Dissertation Stockholm 22 February 2008. Title: On methods estimating oceanic flow, ISBN 978-91-7155-569-4. My role was to be her supervisor, however, I was formally not allowed to act as main supervisor
  • Bodil Karlsson. Dissertation Stockholm 4 April 2008. Title: Noctilucent clouds in a coupled atmosphere, ISBN 978-91-7155-604-2. I was her main supervisor, Stockholm University changed the rules at this time and allowed adjunct staff to take the formal role as superviser
  • Mathias Andersson. Dissertation 25 February 2011. Title: Offshore wind farms – ecological effects of noise and habitat alteration on fish, ISBN 978-91-7447-172-4. I was his main supervisor
  • Léon Chafik. Dissertation Stockholm 11 April 2014: Title: Dynamics and variability of the circulation in the North-Atlantic Subpolar Seas, ISBN 978-91-7447-840-2. My role was assistant supervisor.

Current PhD student

  • Assistant supervisor to Elias Strandell Erstorp at Naval Architecture KTH.
  • Assistant supervisor to Aldo Teran Ezpinosa at Naval Architecture KTH. 


  • Member since 1998 in the Innovation Council at the Swedish Defense Research Agency.
  • Chairman of the Innovation Council at the Swedish Defense Research Agency during 2004.
  • Member of ESONET data management council
  • Co-chair member of the Pacific Source Water Investigation (PACSWIN) cable component
  • 2018-2020: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the EU-project “North Sea Wrecks”
  • 2021-2023: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the EU-project “QuietSeas”
  • 2020-2023: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the EU-project “SATURN”
  • 2023-2024 Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the UK-project “FLOWERS PAG”


I have developed several sensors and sensor systems. The most important are:

  • Electromagnetic underwater arrays, (FOI, part of a team)
  • Electromagnetic instrumentation for inversion of salinity or sediment properties, (FOI, responsible)
  • Acoustic instrumentation for determination of sediment properties, (FOI, responsible)
  • Rapidly deployable multi-sensor buoys, tripod landers, (FOI, part of team)
  • High-resolution long-time monitoring systems for integrated flows, (MISU, responsible)
  • Development of manufacturing techniques for of AgAgCl-electrodes for underwater electric field measurements, (MISU, responsible)
  • Design and construction of low-noise chopped amplifier, (FOI, MISU, responsible)
  • Development of solar-powered beach-based observatory for flow measurements, (MISU and Shirshov Institute of Oceanology in Moscow, responsible)   
  • Active electromagnetic transmitter-receiver technique for remote determination of the halocline, (FOI, MISU, responsible)
  • Electromagnetic-based vorticity sensor for measuring turbulence as well as vorticity, (FOI, MISU, responsible)
  • Novel forcing technique for fluxgate magnetometer, (patented at FOI).
  • Development of electromagnetic sensor for mapping the induced electromagnetic field of Marine Renewable Energy Devices (the SEMLA, USA, responsible)
  • First operational three-axis particle motion sensor for measuring particle acceleration induced by sound (PM-sensor, responsible)
  • Development of acoustic localization technique for calving glaciers as part of the Arctic expedition Ryder2019 (on-going, responsible)
  • Development of a new pop-up float in collaboration with KTH and University of Rhode Island (on-going, part of a team)
  • Development of a new type of Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT), in collaboration with KTH and University of Rhode Island (on-going, part of a team)


  • Supporting HELCOM in the implementation of monitoring of underwater acoustics in line with the Marine Strategy Framework Directive issued by EC, 2008-
  • Chairman of the Expert Network Group of HELCOM to support the Baltic Sea Member States in guidance on management of underwater sound, 2017-
  • Swedish representative in the EC expert group TG Noise. The group has the role to guide the European Member State in implementing Marine Strategy Framework Directive descriptor 11 dealing with underwater noise, 2010 -
  • Program director in the organization SubTechSweden. This organization has the goal to establish a Swedish research program in the underwater arena, 2017-2019
  • Appointed Chair of the Technical Subgroup of underwater Noise, by DG. Environment, 2020 - 


  • Laser Cooling at TSR. Published in CERN Courier
  • Krocktest avslöjar stjärnfödsel (“Collision test reveals the birth of stars”), Svenska Dagbladet (A major Swedish newspaper), published 6 Mars 1994
  • Havets hemligheter. Magnetiker söker sanningen i djupet (“The secret of the sea, scientists seek the truth in the abyss”). Published in FOA tidningen nr 4 October 1996
  • FOA tar pulsen på Stockholms Gibraltar (“FOA measures the heart-beat of the Gibraltar of Stockholm”). Published in FOA tidningen nr 3 June 1997
  • Den globala uppvärmningen kan göra Sverige varmare (“The greenhouse effect may lead to warmer climate in Sweden”), Forskning och Framsteg (A Swedish popular research paper), Nr 5, published in August 2002 (co-authors Peter Lundberg and Johan Nilsson)
  • Interview by the Swedish Radio, channel 1, the Science Program (“Vetenskapsradion”). Seabed cables measure the Gulf Stream, Broadcasted 6 May 2005
  • Article in Swedish environmental newspaper “Miljöaktuellt” with the title: Fiskar hör inte vindkraftverk (“Fish do not hear windmills”), published 17 Mars 2009. 
  • Interviewed by Science Program (“Vetenskapsradion”) covering the results of the Baltic Soundscape
  • Interviewed by local radio (P4) on the potential problem with cables, 2013
  • Interviewed by Science Program (“Vetenskapsradion”), 2014 on cod behaviour in Gullmarsfjord
  • Article in Havsutsikt, Nr 1 2014: Hur mycket (o)ljud tål djuren i haver?
  • Article in Havsutsikt, nr 1 2017: Buller i havet stör dess invånare
  • Article in Sjöfartsnytt 2016. Östersjöns akustiska undervattensvärld kartlagd
  • Article in Havsmiljöinstitutet, 2017:2. Åtgärder för att minska sjöfartens påverkan på havsmiljön
  • Interviewed by Science Program (“Vetenskapsradion”), March 2015, covering the measurement conducted in Belgium on EMF
  • The BIAS project raised a high medial interest. It resulted in over 300 medial events. Several interviews with national and local papers and interviews in national radio programs
  • National radio vhannel, dedicated program on underwater noise, 2022: