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Media Presentations

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(Last updated on 19 Oct, 2023)

On phonatory dynamics and voice maps

Accounting for variability over the voice range with Peter Pabon
2020-04-16 KTH Popup Voice Science Coffee Break #1
Part 3 (starts at 1:09:30 in the recording)

Who is normal? and how can we know?
Keynote lecture presented at ICVPB 2020, Grenoble, Dec 2020. (61')

Are clinicians interested in functional relationships? 
2021-06-02, Voice Foundation Symposium / CoMeT session (18')

Workshop on EGG analysis and voice mapping using FonaDyn  with Joris Grouwels
2021-06-04, Voice Foundation Symposium (48')

Mapping of phonatory dynamics
2021-09-04, CoMeT@BVA  "Cutting Edge" session (18')


General topics

Mind the Gap - on Science, Art and Vocology
The G. Paul Moore Lecture
2017-06-03, Voice Foundation Symposium (55')

Introduction to Voice Acoustics
Tutorial Session, part 5
2018-05-30, Voice Foundation Symposium (37')



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