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Tanja Richter

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Doctoral student




About me

PhD student in technology and learning with a background in sociology, global studies, and communication. My current research at KTH revolves around global competence, a concept connecting intercultural communication with a sustainability mindset. My goal is to find ways to optimize global competence development at higher education institutions.

Local research groups I am currently engaged in:

  • Member of the KTH research cluster on global competence, focusing on global competence development.
  • Member of the KTH research cluster on sustainability, focusing on transformative education for sustainable development.
  • Founding member of FINT (Forskning inom INTernationalisering), a research collaboration on internationalisation in nordic countries.

International projects I have worked with:

  • GALLANT (Global competence And the Linguistic Landscape At the Technical university), a project aiming to strenghten the integration of cultural and linguistic competencies in higher engineering education.
  • BADGE (Becoming A Digital Global Engineer), a project focusing on the development of teaching and learning materials for enhancing global competence in engineering classrooms.
  • TA VIE (Tools for Enhancing and Assessing the Value of International Experience for Engineers), a project for identifying and assessing the global competencies deemed important by industry.


Global Competence (LS2600), assistant | Course web

Intercultural Competence (LS1600), assistant | Course web

Intercultural and Global Competence (LS1002), teacher | Course web

Working in Virtual Teams: Global Competence for International Professionals (LS1001), teacher | Course web