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Thomas Schrøder

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I am a PhD student on the SPHERE project and am working on the historical development of global environmental governance. Particularly, I am interested in governance of energy systems since energy is a key issue within many environmental and climate concerns. My research centres on how environmentally friendly futures have been imagined at different times and in different locations, what relationships such imaginaries have had on concrete energy governance, and how they have interplayed with other energy-related concerns. More specifically, I am looking at how wind power has been imagined as an environmentally friendly power source, and what connections there are between the imagination of the wind turbine as a green technology and the growth of modern wind power in energy systems. My research takes its starting point in Denmark in the 1970s since Denmark often is seen as a pioneering country in relation to wind power.

Founded in Warde, Robin and Sörlin’s analysis of the historical emergence of the term ‘the environment’, the study is also theoretically inspired by science and technology studies broadly and more specifically by actor network theory, the multilevel perspective and entanglement theory. Central to my research are questions of how scientific knowledge relates to imaginaries of green technologies and to the governance and spread of specific technologies.

Profilbild av Thomas Schrøder