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Thomas Schrøder

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I am a doctoral student on the project Study of the Planetary Human-Earth Relationship (SPHERE). My thesis focuses on the historical development of modern wind energy and pays particular attention to how wind energy has been imagined as an environmentally friendly energy source. This research takes its starting point in the pioneering of modern wind energy in Denmark in the 1970s and ends with the current development of large offshore wind farms in Taiwan. The study of wind energy connects more broadly to how environmentally friendly futures have been imagined at different times and in different locations and what relationships such imaginaries have had on the historical development of global environmental governance – that is how the world came to be viewed as planet that required environmental stewardship. In the most recent work, I have turned my attention to the role of non-profit organisations and multinational businesses as those have gradually come to have a larger influence on the development of renewable energy including wind energy. My work is strongly informed by Science and Technology Studies (STS), and in addition to the work on energy, I have a side interest in feminist technoscience.


The Rise of Global Environmental Governance, 1940s to 2020s (FAK3154), teacher | Course web

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