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PHD Supervision (Doctoral Students)

Ongoing and completed supervision of 22 Ph.D. Students at KTH and ETH


(Also, Dr. Haas has supervised over 155 MSc. Students and 25 Bachelor Students)

• Ms. Charlotta Fredriksson (Finished Dissertation for 2012) Co-Supervisor (Acting Head Supervisor)
• Mr. Kh Md Nahiduzzaman (Finished Dissertation for 2012) Co-Supervisor (Acting Head Supervisor)
• Mr. Fredrick Omolo (Finished Dissertation for 2012) Co-Supervisor)
• Mr. Alazar Ejigu (Finished Dissertation for 2015) Head and Co-Supervisor
• Mr. Mohammad Saffar (Finished Dissertation for 2015) Co-Supervisor
• Ms. Helene Littke (Finished Dissertation for 2016) Head Supervisor
• Mr. Ryan Locke (Finished Dissertation 2019) Head Supervisor
• Ms. Ying Yin (Finished Dissertation 2012) Co-Supervisor
• Ms. Annika Norell Bergendahl (Finished Licentiate/MPhil for 2016) Co-Supervisor
• Ms. Elahe Karimnia (Finished Dissertation for 2018) Head Supervisor
• Mr. Bengt Sundborg (Finished Licentiate/MPhil for 2016) Head Supervisor
• Ms. Sofie Radestad (Finished Licentiate/MPhil for 2017) Head Supervisor
• Ms. Roja Bamzar (Finished Dissertation 2017) Co-Supervisor
• Ms. Rosa Nadine Danenberg (Finished Dissertation for 2023) Head Supervisor and Co-Supervisor
• Ms. Jing Jing (Finished Dissertation for 2023) Head Supervisor
• Mr. Kyle Farrell (Finished Dissertation 2019) Co-Supervisor
• Mr. Haris Piplas (Finished Dissertation 2019), Co-Supervisor at ETH Zurich
• Ms. Anna Paula Jonsson (Finished Licentiate/MPhil for 2023) Head Supervisor
• Ms. Yael Bratel (Planned Licentiate/MPhil 2024) Co-Supervisor
• Mr. Mats Lundstrom (Finished Dissertation for 2019) Head Supervisor
• Mr. Todor Stojanovski (Finished Dissertation 2019) Co-Supervisor
• Ms. Asli Tepecik Dis (Planned Dissertation 2025) Co-Supervisor and Main Supervisor