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Master and Diploma Theses:

  • Christoph Meier, Three Flavor Neutrino Oscillations - Fit to Recent Superkamiokande Data, The Coherence Length of Solar Neutrinos, KTH, Stockholm, October 1999, TRITA-FYS-8033. (co-supervisor)
  • Jonny Lundell, Neutrino Oscillations with Three Flavors - Domain of the Mixing Angles and Discussion of Future Experiments, KTH, Stockholm, October 1999, TRITA-FYS-8034. (co-supervisor)
  • Gerhart Seidl, See-saw-Mechanismus für Dirac-Teilchen, TUM, Munich, January 2001. (co-supervisor)
  • Walter Winter, An Effective Theory for the Combination of Neutrino Decay and Neutrino Oscillations, TUM, Munich, August 2001. (co-supervisor)
  • Magnus Jacobson, Matter Induced CPT Violation in Three Flavor Neutrino Oscillations, KTH, Stockholm, June 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:22. (supervisor)
  • Robert Johansson, Series Expansions of Three Flavour Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities, KTH, Stockholm, November 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:55. (supervisor)
  • Mattias Blennow, The Solar Neutrino Day-Night Effect, KTH, Stockholm, October 2003, TRITA-FYS-2003:51. (co-supervisor)
  • Martin Blom, Parameter Degeneracies in Neutrino Oscillations, KTH, Stockholm, January 2005, TRITA-FYS-2005:10. (supervisor)
  • Tobias Fischer, The Evolution of Galactic Nuclei under N-Body Simulations, KTH, Stockholm, January 2006, TRITA-FYS-2006:1. (formal supervisor)
  • Julian Skrotzki, Simulation of Neutrino Oscillations Including Non-Standard Effects Using the MINOS Experiment, KTH, Stockholm, December 2006, TRITA-FYS-2006:81. (supervisor)
  • Henrik Melbéus, Phenomenology of Hyperbolic Large Extra Dimensions for Hadron Colliders, KTH, Stockholm, December 2007, TRITA-FYS-2007:83. (supervisor)
  • Mattias Westerberg, Simulations of Non-Standard Effects Using the OPERA Neutrino Experiment, KTH, Stockholm, May 2008, TRITA-FYS-2008:23. (supervisor)
  • Johannes Bergström, Signatures of Unparticle Self-Interactions at the Large Hadron Collider, KTH, Stockholm, March 2009, TRITA-FYS-2009:03. (supervisor)
  • Martin Heinze, Flavor Structure of SO(10) Grand Unified Theories with Extended Matter Sector, KTH, Stockholm, July 2010, TRITA-FYS-2010:47. (supervisor)
  • Christoph Popa, Non-Unitarity of the Leptonic Mixing Matrix in the Low-Scale Type-I Seesaw Model, KTH, Stockholm, September 2010, TRITA-FYS-2010:57. (supervisor)
  • Johan Bonnevier, Phenomenology of Dark Matter from Non-Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions, KTH, Stockholm, March 2011, TRITA-FYS-2011:09. (supervisor)
  • Alexander Ludkiewicz, Radiative Neutrino Models and Observational Consequences, KTH, Stockholm, Septemeber 2011, TRITA-FYS-2011:49. (supervisor)
  • Stella Riad, Running of Neutrino Parameters in Extra Dimensions, KTH, Stockholm, March 2012, TRITA-FYS-2012:15. (supervisor)
  • Romain Bouchand, Radiative Neutrino Mass Generation and Renormalization Group Running in the Ma-Model, KTH, Stockholm, April 2012, TRITA-FYS-2012:18. (supervisor)
  • Björn Ahlgren, Astrophysical Constraints on Secret Neutrino Interactions, KTH, Stockholm, October 2013, TRITA-FYS-2013:59. (supervisor)
  • Bo Cao, Supernova Bound on keV Sterile Neutrinos, KTH, Stockholm, January 2014, TRITA-FYS-2014:05. (supervisor)
  • Jessica Elevant, CP-Violation in Supernova Neutrino Oscillations, LiU and KTH, Stockholm, August 2014, LITH-IFM-A-EX--14/2962--SE. (formal supervisor)
  • Celine Weimer, A Phenomenological Study of Black Holes Bounching into White Holes in Loop Quantum Cosmology, KTH, Stockholm, September 2015, TRITA-FYS-2015:68. (formal supervisor)
  • Fredrik Hansen, Multidimensional Analysis of Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions Using the Proposed ESSνSB Experiment, KTH, Stockholm, October 2015, TRITA-FYS-2015:71. (supervisor)
  • Julius Engelsöy, Considerations Regarding AdS2 Backreaction and Holography, KTH, Stockholm, September 2016, TRITA-FYS-2016:62. (formal supervisor)
  • Jens Wirén, Higgs Lepton Flavour Violation and Radiative Neutrino Masses in the Zee Model, KTH, Stockholm, February 2017, TRITA-FYS-2016:70. (supervisor)
  • Matthias Scheiner, Phenomenology of Lepton Number Violation at Colliders, KTH, Stockholm, May 2017, TRITA-FYS-2017:38. (supervisor)
  • Benjamin Summ, Higgs Mass Calculations in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model, KTH, Stockholm, July 2017, TRITA-FYS-2017:49. (formal supervisor)
  • Simon Israelsson, Thermalisation of Inelastic Dark Matter in the Sun with a Light Mediator, KTH, Stockholm, August 2018, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2018:308. (supervisor)
  • Vincent Goumarre, Matrix Elements for Supersymmetric Decays in Pythia 8, KTH, Stockholm, September 2019, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2019:304. (formal supervisor)
  • Erik Sönnerlind, Threshold Effects in SO(10) Grand Unified Theories, KTH, Stockholm, June 2020, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2020:195. (supervisor)
  • Malte Lindestam, Flavour Symmetries in SU(5) Grand Unified Theories, KTH, Stockholm, June 2021, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2021:057. (supervisor)
  • Daniel Kempe, Investigation of the Effects of Invisible Neutrino Decay at the Proposed ESSnuSB Experiment, KTH, Stockholm, June 2021, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2021:073. (supervisor)
  • Erik Engstedt, Superradiant Axion Clouds and their Interaction with Astrophysical Plasma, KTH, Stockholm, November 2021, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2021:348. (formal supervisor)
  • Sebastian Jovancic, On the Emergent Relative Distance between Quantum Systems, KTH, Stockholm, December 2022, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2022:307. (formal supervisor)
  • Jesper Grönroos, Expansions of Neutrino Oscillation and Decay Probabilities in Matter, KTH, Stockholm, August 2023, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2023:265. (supervisor)
  • Atabak Fathe Jalali, Gravitational Collapse of a Massless Scalar Field in a Theory of Minimally Modified Gravity, KTH, Stockholm, February 2024, TRITA-SCI-GRU-2024:016. (formal supervisor)

Licentiate Theses:

  • Mattias Blennow, Matter and Damping Effects in Neutrino Mixing and Oscillations, KTH, Stockholm, April 2005, ISBN 91-7178-016-5. (supervisor)
  • Tomas Hällgren, Phenomenological Studies of Dimensional Deconstruction, KTH, Stockholm, November 2005, ISBN 91-7178-218-4. (supervisor)
  • Sofia Sivertsson, Dark Matter in and around Stars, KTH, Stockholm, September 2009, ISBN 91-7415-430-6. (supervisor)
  • Henrik Melbéus, Astrophysical and Collider Signatures of Extra Dimensions, KTH, Stockholm, January 2010, ISBN 91-7415-556-3. (supervisor)
  • Johannes Bergström, Predictions of Effective Models in Neutrino Physics, KTH, Stockholm, June 2011, ISBN 91-7501-057-1. (supervisor)
  • Stella Riad, Studies of Effective Theories beyond the Standard Model, KTH, Stockholm, October 2014, ISBN 978-91-7595-310-6. (supervisor)
  • Marcus Pernow, Phenomenology of SO(10) Grand Unified Theories, KTH, Stockholm, September 2019, ISBN 78-91-7873-269-2. (supervisor)

PhD Theses:

  • Gerhart Seidl, Lepton Masses and Dimensional Deconstruction, TUM, Munich, July 2003. (co-supervisor)
  • Walter Winter, Phänomenologische Konsequenzen nichtverschwindender Neutrinomassen - An Beispielen zukünftiger Long-Baseline-Experimente, TUM, Munich, September 2003. (co-supervisor)
  • Mattias Blennow, Theoretical and Phenomenological Studies of Neutrino Physics, KTH, Stockholm, May 2007, ISBN 978-91-7178-646-3. (supervisor)
  • Tomas Hällgren, Aspects of Dimensional Deconstruction and Neutrino Physics, KTH, Stockholm, August 2007, ISBN 978-91-7178-728-6. (supervisor)
  • Cecilia Marini Bettolo, Performance Studies and Star Tracking for PoGOLite, KTH, Stockholm, May 2010, ISBN 978-91-7415-641-6. (co-supervisor)
  • Sofia Sivertsson, Studies of Dark Matter in and around Stars, KTH, Stockholm, January 2012, ISBN 978-91-7501-251-3. (supervisor)
  • Henrik Melbéus, Particle Phenomenology of Compact Extra Dimensions, KTH, Stockholm, April 2012, ISBN 978-91-7501-305-3. (supervisor)
  • Johannes Bergström, Models in Neutrino Physics - Numerical and Statistical Studies, KTH, Stockholm, August 2013, ISBN 978-91-7501-854-6. (supervisor)
  • Stella Riad, Phenomenology of Neutrino Properties, Unification, and Higgs Couplings beyond the Standard Model, KTH, Stockholm, February 2017, ISBN 978-91-7729-298-2. (supervisor)
  • Marcus Pernow, Models of SO(10) Grand Unified Theories - Yukawa Sector and Gauge Coupling Unification, KTH, Stockholm, November 2021, ISBN 978-91-8040-028-2. (supervisor)


  • Thomas Konstandin (September 1, 2005 - October 31, 2007)
  • He Zhang (August 15, 2008 - September 30, 2010)
  • Michal Malinský (October 1, 2008 - September 30, 2010)
  • Alexander Merle (September 1, 2010 - May 31, 2012)
  • Shun Zhou (October 1, 2012 - August 31, 2014)
  • Sushant Raut (September 1, 2014 - August 31, 2016)
  • Sofiane Boucenna (March 1, 2017 - May 15, 2019)
  • Monojit Ghosh (January 15, 2019 - January 14, 2021)
  • Sampsa Vihonen (April 1, 2023 - present)