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Wadih Naim

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Om mig

Academic Background:

- PhD in Electrical Engineering, KTH, Sweden (ongoing since Oct. 2018)

- M.Sc. in Electric Power Engineering, KTH, Sweden (2016-2018)

- B.Sc. in Eelectrical Engineering, HCU, Lebanon (2009-2012)

Industrial Background:

From 2011 to 2016, I worked on electrical construction projects ranging from utilities (distribution networks and substations at MV/LV levels) to commercial and residential applications.

Research Overview: Member of QED-AM Research Group:

- PhD Project (Since Fall 2018): My project revolves around Optimal Power System Asset Data Management. Currently, my main focus is on studying the importance of asset data in power distribution systems and investigating the impact of data quality issues on asset planning. (refer to list of publications)

- Licentiate Thesis (Srping 2021): On the Role of Data Quality and Availability in Power System Asset Management

- M.Sc. Thesis (Spring 2018): Study of The Effect of Convective Heat Transfer on Cooling of Overhead Line Conductors Based on Wind Tunnel Experimental Results

Keywords: Power Distribution, Asset Management, Data Quality, Optimization


Elkretsanalys, utökad kurs (EI1110), assistent | Kurswebb

Tillförlitlighetsanalys för elkraftsystem (EI2452), assistent | Kurswebb