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Xiaoqing Li

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About me


My research is supported by the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Energy Agency,  the Göran Gustafsson foundation, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, and the Carl Tryggers Stiftelse foundation.

(* indicates corresponding author)


B. Qian,X.-Q. Li, Y Wang, J. Hou, J. Liu, S. Zou, F. An, W. Lu, An ultra-low modulus of ductile Ti-Zr-Hf-Ta biomedical high-entropy alloys achieved by deformation induced martensitic transformation/twinning/amorphization, accepted at Advanced Materials (2024)

N. Fortunato,X.-Q. Li,....., High-throughput design of all-d-metal Heusler alloys for magnetocaloric applications, accepted at Chemistry of  Materials  (2024)

Q. Chen, J. Mo,X.-Q. Li*,X. Xu, A revisit to the role of Mo in an MP35N superalloy: an experimental and theoretical study,  Journal of Materials Science & Technology (2023)

X.-Q. Li*,Phase stability and micro-mechanical properties of TiZrHf-based refractory high-entropy alloys: A first-principles study, accepted at Phys. Rev. Mater. (2023)

Shijie Wei,...,X.-Q. Li*, Microstructure and magnetocaloric properties of melt-extracted SmGdDyCoAl high-entropy amorphous microwires, accepted at Rare Metals  (2023)

O. Temesi,...X.-Q. Li,...,Estimation of Shear Modulus and Hardness of High-Entropy Alloys Made from Early Transition Metals Based on Bonding Parameters, Materials (2023)

J.-T. Hu,...X.-Q. Li*,..., Effects of NH4+ doping on the hydrogen storage properties of metal hydrides, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2023)

 J. Mo,...,X.-Q. Li,Local lattice distortions, phase stability, and mechanical properties of NbMoTaWHfx alloys: a combined theoretical and experimental study, Computational Materials Science 217,111891 (2023)

W.-W. Xu,...X.-Q. Li*,..., Atomic origins of the plastic deformation micro-mechanisms of γ/γ’ FeCoNiAlTi high-entropy alloys, International Journal of Plasticity (2022)

D. Wei,...X.-Q. Li,..., Si-addition contributes to overcoming the strength-ductility trade-off in high entropy alloys, International Journal of Plasticity (2022)

T. Zhang , D. Wei , E. Lu , W. Wang , K. Wang,X.-Q. Li , L. C. Zhang , H. Kato , W.  Lu , L. Wang, Microstructure evolution and deformation mechanism of α+β dual-phase Ti-xNb-yTa-2Zr alloys with high performance,  Journal of Materials Science & Technology (2022)

X.-J. Li, S. Schönecker,X.-Q. Li*,W. Li, X.  Liang,  L. Vitos,  First-principles calculations of the cleavage energy in random solid solutions: a case study for TiZrNbHf high-entropy alloy, Computational Materials Science (2022)

X.-J. Li, S. Schönecker, L. Vitos,X.-Q. Li*, Generalized stacking faults energies of face-centered cubic high-entropy alloys: a first-principles study,  Intermetallics, (2022)

J. Hu,...,X.-Q. Li*,… ,The Origin of Anomalous Hydrogen Occupation in High Entropy Alloys,  J. Mater. Chem. A (2022)

 J. Mo, Y. Wan, X. Wang, Z. Zhang,X.-Q. Li, B. Shen, X. Liang, First-principle prediction of structural and mechanical properties in NbMoTaWRex refractory high-entropy alloys with experimental validation,  Rare Metals  (2022)

S. Schönecker, X.-J. Li, D. Wei, S. Nozaki, H. Kato, L. Vitos, andX.-Q. Li*, Harnessing intrinsic elastic anisotropy and crystallographic texture to achieve low modulus biocompatible refractory high-entropy alloys for orthepedic applications, Mater. Des. (2022)

H. Huang, X. Wang, J. Shi, H. Huang, Y. Zhao, H. Xu, P. Zhang, Z. Long, B. Bai, T. Fao, C. Ma, F. Li, D. Meng,X.-Q. Li*, S. Schönecker, and L. Vitos, Material informatics for uranium-bearing equiatomic disordered solid solution alloys,  Mater. Today Commun. 29 (2021) 102960

R. Lizarraga, X. J. Li, D. Wei, L. Vitos, andX.-Q. Li*,The effect of Si and Ge on the elastic properties and plastic deformation modes in high- and medium-entropy alloys, APL, 119(2021)141904

 S. Schönecker,  Wei Li,  L. Vitos, andX.-Q. Li* ,Effect of strain on generalized stacking fault energies and plastic deformation modes in fcc-hcp polymorphic high-entropy alloys: A first-principles investigation, Phys. Rev. Mater. 5 (2021) 075004

G. Zhao,X.-Q. Li *, and N. Petrinic, Materials information and mechanical response of TRIP/TWIP Ti alloys,npj Computational Materials  7 (2021) 91

Q. Cheng, X.D. Xu, P. Xie, L.L.Han, J.Y. He,X.Q. Li, J. Zhang, Z.T. Li, Y.P.Li, B. Liu, Y. Liu, T.G. Nieh, M.W Chen and J.H. Chen. Unveiling anneal hardening in dilute Al-doped AlxCoCrFeMnNi (x=0, 0.1) high-entropy alloys,  Journal of Materials Science &Technology 91 (2021) 270.

G. Qin, R. Chen,H.  Mao, Y.  Yan,X. Li, S. Schönecker, L. Vitos,X.-Q. Li.Experimental and theoretical investigations on the phase stability and mechanical properties of Cr7Mn25Co9Ni23Cu36 high-entropy alloy.  Acta Mater. 208 (2021) 116763.

Z. Yang, C. Dai, J. Sun, S. Lu, W. Li, X. Li,X-Q. Li, L. Vitos, Theoretically exploring covalent bonding effect on deformability of B2/β Ti(AlxNb1-x) phase. Comp. Mater. Sci. 194 (2021)110469.

 Y. Yang, W. Mu,X.-Q. Li, H. Jiang, M. Wang, Z. Mi, X. Mao. Effects of strain rate on austenite stability and mechanical properties in a 5Mn steel.  accepted at Journal of iron and steel international, 2021.

X.-J. Li, S. Schönecker,X.-Q. Li*, J. Zhao, and L. Vitos, The influence of temperature on the elastic properties of body-centered cubic reduced activation steels,  Mater. & Des.  198 (2021) 109282

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Micro-mechanical properties of new alternative binders for cemented carbides: CoCrFeNiWx high-entropy alloys,X.-Q. Li*,D. Wei, L. Vitos, R. Lizárraga,   J. Alloys Compd. 820, 153141 (2020)

An as-cast high-entropy alloy with remarkable mechanical properties strengthened by nanometer precipitates, G. Qin, R. Chen, P. K. Liaw, Y. Gao, L. Wang, Y. Su, J. Guo, andX.-Q. Li,  Nanoscale 12, 3965 (2020)

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Third-order elastic constants and anharmonic properties of three fcc high-entropy
alloys from first-principles ,X.-Q. Li *J. Alloys Compd. 764, 906(2018)

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Tensile and shear loading of four fcc high-entropy alloys: a first-principle study,X.-Q. Li *,S. Schönecker, W. Li, L. K. Varga, D. L. Irving, and L. Vitos ,Phys. Rev. B. 97,094102 ( 2018)

Critical stress for twinning nucleation in CrCoNi-based medium and high entropy
alloys, H. Huang,X.-Q. Li, Z.-H. Dong, W. Li, S. Huang, D.-Q. Meng, X.-C. Lai, T.-W. Liu,
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X.-Q. Li, together with S. Schönecker and L. Vitos, From Quantum to Smithy, Pan European Networks: Science & Technology 21 (2016) 64


X. Li, Ph.D. thesis, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, 2015