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Xi-Lillian Pang

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Om mig

Senior researcher on Remote Sensing and AI for Forest Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity analysis (2021-now).

Postdoc. The Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED), KTH. (2020-2021)

PhD. Land and Water Resources Engineering, KTH. (2013-2017)

M. Sc. Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure, KTH.

Research Projects (participant)

Project 1: EO-AI4GlobalChange

(Link to the project)

The overall objective of this project is to develop innovative and robust methods for monitoring global environmental changes using Earth Observation big data and deep learning. The main application areas of the project are urbanization and wildfire monitoring. My task in this project is to model the Ecological Impact of wild-fires on forest habitats.



Project 2: Planning Nature-Based Solutions and Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Transformations

(Link to the project)

The aim of the project is to understand and facilitate the interplay of processes, actors, and tools across planning tiers to support Swedish spatial planning in integrating Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Green Infrastructure (GI) to achieve human wellbeing while conserving life-supporting ecosystems in urban regions.


Project 3: MERGE

(Link to the project)

MERGE stands for ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system and is a collaboration between Lund University, University of Gothenburg, Rossby Centre/SMHI, Linnaeus University, Chalmers University of Technology and Royal Institute of Technology. My task in this project is to model whole tree carbon storage in Stockholm County.

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Project 4: Landscape ecology modelling and assessment

(Link to the project)

Globally, biodiversity is declining due to loss of habitat and species extinction, which undermines ecosystem functioning and therefore threatens the ability of ecosystems to supply ecosystem services. The balance between energy demand and the long-term capacity of ecosystems to supply goods and services is therefore crucial. My research task in the project is focus on the trade-off analysis on forest ecosystem services.

figure 3


For her paper and work on this project, Xi-Lillian Pang was granted 2013 YSSP Honorable Mention in the competition for the 2013 Peccei and Mikhalevich Awards

PhD supervision /Master supervision

KTH-PhD student Sigvard Bast: Nature-Based Solutions and Green Infrastructure for Sustainable Urban Transformations. (ALG-SEED)

KTH-Master student Emma Godefroy: Biodiversity footprint along with industrial products' LCA. (AL250x)

Teaching Courses

  • AE2502 Natural Resources Management (7.5 credits)
  • AE2503 Environmental Data (7.5 credits)
  • AE1502 Miljösystemanalys (7.5 hp)
  • AL250x Degree Project in Strategies for Sustainable Development (30 hp)


Examensarbete inom strategier för hållbar utveckling, avancerad nivå (AL250X), kursansvarig | Kurswebb

Miljödata (AE2503), kursansvarig, lärare, assistent | Kurswebb