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Research projects

SHIFT-DT (link)

Sustainable, Holistic, Integrated Framework for Ship Design and Production Transformation through Digital Twins

-    Funded by Digital Futures (Swedish Funding Agency)

-    Leading the project as a Principal Investigator (PI) to establish a framework that can marry holistic ship design with digitalized ship production and logistics through digital twins

Jan 2024 – Dec 2025 (ongoing)

Dynamic SALSA (link)

Dynamic scheduling of assembly and logistics system using AI

-    Funded by Eureka SMART and Vinnova (Swedish Innovation Agency)

-    Building a computer vision-based platform for analyzing human operators and objects in a production logistics environment

Apr 2023 – Mar 2026 (ongoing)

TIMEBLY (link)

Time data management automation for manual assembly

-    Funded by Vinnova

-    Leading the human pose estimation and time series prediction analysis for manual assembly tasks using open-source libraries

Nov 2021 – Oct 2024 (ongoing)


Dynamic scheduling and transport visibility in steel production

-    Funded by Vinnova

-    Involved in human-centered system design process for autonomous transportation system including requirements analysis and prototyping

Mar 2022 – Dec 2022

C-PALS (link)

Cyber-physical assembly and logistics system

-    Funded by Eureka SMART and Vinnova

-    Built a digital twin and real-time production logistics data visualization platform using open-source libraries

May 2019 – Aug 2022


Holistic urban and per-urban mobility

-    Funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region (EU)

-    Involved in participatory modelling and simulation process for urban mobility simulation with multiple stakeholders

Jan 2019 – Dec 2021

Simulation system for manufacturing strategy and execution to quantify ship production cost

-    Funded by National IT Industry Promotion Agency of Korea

-    Developed and implied a simulation-based monitoring system for ship production process

Oct 2016 – Jan 2019

Simulation-based production planning and management system for middle-sized shipbuilding companies

-    Funded by Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of Korea

-    Developed and implied an advanced planning and control system for ship production process

Oct 2014 – Jan 2019

Advanced Naval Vessel Research Laboratory

-    Funded by Ministry of National Defense of Korea

-    Developed an optimization algorithm for spatial layout design of naval vessels considering the survivability

Sep 2012 – Dec 2017

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