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Till KTH:s startsida Till KTH:s startsida

Thesis projects

Herdís Hanna Yngvadóttir (2024)

  • ongoing

Gabriela Coutinho (2024)

  • ongoing

Simon Borg and Gerardo Awad Hirmas (2024)

  • ongoing

Mayari Perez Tay (2023)

  • A Simulation-Based Decision Support Tool for Circularity: Remanufacturing of an Electric Machine Case Study (link)

Jesper Gans (2023)

  • Digitalisation of Predetermined Motion Time Systems: An Investigation Towards Automated Time Setting Processes (link)

Emil Ekendahl and Shashank Rajashekara (2023)

  • Assessing the Impact of Centralizationon Safety Stock: A Scenario Based Case Study to Support Companies Exploring the Benefits of Utilizing a Centralized Warehouse Strategy in the Absence of Historical Data (link)

Viktor Lingman and Mohamed Osman (2022)

  • Time Data Management A case study focused on finding solutions for “Hard to determine” activities in manual assembly (link)

Gladis Mauri (2022)

  • A framework for the implementation of real-time location systems in material handling: A case study at Scandia Transmission (link)

Madeleine Ejdeskog and Sungji Woo (2019)

  • Effektivisering av monteringslina genom simuleringprogrammet ExtendSim (link)

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