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Zuhara Zemke Chavez

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About me

Zuhara Zemke Chavez (Former Zuhara Chavez)  is a researcher in Production Management at theDepartment of Sustainable Production Developmentat KTH Södertälje. She holds a Ph.D. in Automotive science(Kyushu University - 2018) with a background inIndustrial Engineering focusing on production systems. She possesses professional experience in the Automotive and Aerospace Industry in areas of procurement, logistics, and operations. Prior to joining KTH, during her doctoral studies, she conducted empirical research in the automotive industry both in Mexico and Japan, collaborating with domestic suppliers and leading car makers in both countries. Currently, she is actively involved in collaborative research with Industry partners focusing on resource-efficient operations, Production systems development, and cross-scale resilience in the Swedish manufacturing Industry.

Her research interests are production systems design, adaptation, transference, and the influence of digitalization in the evolution of current production systems for increased sustainability and resiliency.

Zuhara is part of the IRIS initiative and industrial transformation platform network for industrial transformation toward climate change and competitiveness. She is also part of the KTH team developing and running the Module Management of Manufacturing Digitalization in Ingenjör 4.0 a Produktion2030 initiative for skills development and life-long learning.

Research projects at KTH:

ASPIRE - Automation solutions for production deviation management

Alistair - Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Production

RESPIRE - Rethinking the management of unexpected events for resilient and sustainable production

DYNASTEEL - Dynamic scheduling and transport visibility in steel production

Production Angels -  Scaling up

Green Design - Circular and sustainable production investments

Areas of interest:

#sustainability #industrialtransformation #research #industry #sustainabletransformation #climatechange #visualization #tech4future #science #productionsystemsdesign #greenandlean #digitaltransformation


Production Management and Development (ML2301), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Theory of Science and Research Methodology in Sustainable Production Development (ML2307), course responsible, teacher | Course web