Applied Hydrogeology

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Welcome to the website  of  AL2301 Applied Hydrogeology

 The course Applied Hydrogeology is a part of the Master Programs “Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure”. The course deals with hydrological and chemical processes of importance for water quality and contaminant transport. It consists of lectures, exercises and a field visit to the course study site. The course has an applied focus and one of the main teachers is a consultant and runs his own consultancy.

 The course focuses on groundwater and the study of groundwater is termed hydrogeology. It is also important to know that is sometimes referred to as geohydrology or groundwater hydrology. More specifically the subject of Hydrogeology deals with how water gets into the ground (recharge), how it flows in the subsurface (through aquifers) and how groundwater interacts with the surrounding soil and rock (the geology). 

 Groundwater is commonly used as a drinking water supply globally, and in Sweden it provides approximately 50 per cent of the drinking water, of which 25% is natural groundwater and 25% artificial groundwater. In many other regions of the world especially in many developing countries groundwater is the only available clean drinking water supply. However, the groundwater resources are exposed to increasing stress both in quality and quantity.

The overall aim of the course is that the student after passing the course should be able to manage a water resource problem, more specific to establish a new water supply for a municipality.

For detailed information, please read the Course Handbook


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