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Introduction to the Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology

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This course consists of two parts. 

  1. Part I (3 ECTS) is given by the CSC-school as a course taught within the research level course DD3001.

    For Autumn 2015: Part I will be in the week 37 to Week 41. Start date 14 Sept. at 0800hrs

    The assessment of Part I of DA2205 consists of reading and writing assignments associated with each lecture and one final longer essay assignment. In addition, you will be asked to review the assignments of your fellow students. Completion of the course requires finishing all the writing assignments and peer-review assignments.

  2. Part II (4.5 ECTS) is given by the Department of Philosophy at KTH. It starts in period 2, on Oct 30, 2017 as part pf the course AK2030 (or any course code between AK2030-AK2036).

    The examination of this second part consists of taking part in seminars and a final written exam.