Project Course in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

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This course is an advanced course in computer science running over two periods and focusing on the broad, inter-disciplinary field of robotics. 

The emphasis in DD2419 is on showing how methods are used in practice and how they are integrated into a complete system and follow up on the course DD2410 that gives a broad introduction to robotics. 

To keep things manageable and steer the learning in DD2419, the project task is predefined. So you will not be able to define your own project, but you will have loads of fun anyway! You will be working with physical mobile robots.

If you talk to previous students in the course they will talk about using drones. This year we will move to wheel robots that have enough computational resources to run things onboard. They will be equipped with an RGB-D sensor for perception and they will have an NVIDIA GPU onboard so that you can make use of deep learning based solutions.

Students need to be ready to invest a significant amount of time. The course is worth 9hp which corresponds to 6 weeks of full time studies (i.e. 240h) and we expect you to spend this amount of time, i.e. a lot more than on most other courses worth 9hp. To take the course you need to be willing to invest this time.

More information can be found on the course page ("Canvas page")

Prerequisites: DD2410 or equivalent.

Relation to DD2425: DD2419 replaces DD2425, or to be exact DD2425 is replaced by DD2410+DD2419


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