Computational Photography

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General description of the course

The course in Geometric Computing and Visualization / Computational Photography deals with computer processing of digital photographic images in order to enhance the information in the images. We will create panoramic wide angle images from sets of smaller images captured from a specific location. We will use images from multiple views in order to compute 3D images/animations of objects. The central problem will be to understand and describe in mathematical terms the geometric relationships that exist between the external world and the captured image. This includes a desription of the imaging process in the camera. The field of Computational Photography is rapidly developing and the tools and techniques will have great impact on modern web based navigational displays such as Google earth or in the field of computer game development by creation and animation of real world human action in 3D.

Example of 3D computation of human motion. "motion capture"


Basic courses in linear algebra. Knowledge about things such as vector, matrix, eigenvector, linear systems of equations. Image processing and computer vision 2D1422 is a good background but not necessary.


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