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Dependable Autonomous Systems

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Autonomous systems are increasingly integrated in our everyday life. Autonomous vehicles of all kinds, variety of servo-, industrial and medical robots perform a wide spectrum of tasks alongside humans. It raises a serious concern regarding the risks associated with blending the autonomous technologies into the safety-critical activities and overall system dependability.

Dependability is an ability of a system to deliver its services in a trustworthy way. To achieve dependability, we should ensure that the likelihood of occurrence and severity of all hazards associated with the system have been sufficiently reduced, i.e., the risk associated with the system is acceptable.

Autonomous systems rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to achieve autonomy. This technology is new to the dependability field and requires the cross-disciplinary knowledge to be safely used in the systems delivering safety-critical services.

 This course aims at addressing this problem and providing the students with a body of knowledge required to conduct research and development of autonomous critical systems. The course will introduce techniques for modelling, analyzing and designing autonomous systems. The students will obtain theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience in developing autonomous systems.