The examination is based on:

  • reflections (~one page each) on each of the six seminars of the course. The reflections should be based on what is presented in the seminar - both the paper and the lecture. The one-page reflection should demonstrate the student can maintain a critical stance towards that content of the paper and discuss both the strong and weak points in the research presented. When relevant, the reflection should refer to other research papers or books that may shed light on or put a perspective on the content of the seminar. Each reflection receives a pass or fail. We will provide detailed individual comments on the first two reflections and then randomly on the final four (aiming for personal feedback on about 1/3 of the reflections).
  • a six-page paper where the student describes his/her own work - either based on some empirical work done in another course or work that may lead to their MSc-thesis work. See instructions below. The six-page paper is graded A - F.
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