Human Perception for Information Technology

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Current technology relies on a variety of media to display, transmit and exchange information. Knowledge about the function, processes and limitations of the human perceptual system is crucial to enable us to make the best design choices and to optimize the relationship between information content and application. This course provides a general overview of human perception with an emphasis on vision, hearing and touch. Relevant areas of anatomy and physiology are covered as are fundamental psychophysical concepts and measures of perception such as detection, discrimination, identification and scaling. Areas of human perception to be studied in relation to information technology applications include the perception of brightness and color, sound, music, speech, haptics and the perception of space, time and motion. The fields of multisensory processing and sensory substitution are also introduced. The course also touches upon learning and perceptual change particularly related to information technology. The course has special relevance for such applications of information technology as human-machine interfaces, sound and music computing, speech-based systems, haptic interfaces, motion capture, and computer vision.


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