Hi everybody!

Please check the "Repository applications". 

I added a video guide how to install Git and setup your repository.

About the issues that some of you had today:

History merging:

Try git pull, which will update your folder and complete it with missing files. If not, try deleting folder .git (it might be configured as a hidden folder) and go through all the commends from the beginning.

git pull not updating the files in the folder:

The solution: Solution

Remember to always use the command prompt as administrator!

It should solve the issues. If not, don't hesitate to contact me! 

Some of you asked about the "homework":

We do not have any typical homeworks as it was in high school. We provide you with the hands-on session problem so you can develop your programming skills, which will be tested with the assignments.

However, I challenge you to finish the hands-on code yourself (without looking at the solution) and upload it on your GitHub. 

On top of that, if you are really motivated, try reproducing Bucky's video code (with understanding and explanation) and upload it on GitHub as well.