IT Management with Enterprise Architecture I

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This course web is obsolete. The course content for 2017 has been moved to Canvas.

Welcome to the course website!

In this course we have the ambition to make your learning as effective as possible. The knowledge you learn should be related to the examination of the course, nothing else (unless you want to of course!). You should spend time on the things you find difficult and not on things you already know. In order to do so you need to be active in your choice of what to study, and to what extent.

In this course we have gathered information for you so that you can study in your own pace and with your own focus. There will be a minimum of lectures where information is provided, but not necessarily learned. We as teachers will focus on explaining what is needed for passing the course (and to get good grades) and explain things you find difficult, by providing feedback on work you have done or answer questions you have.

At this site you find pointers to everything you need to know about the course. Administrative information is found under General-->Course admin. documents, and material related to the course content is gathered under General-->Course material. We will use the News feed for all communication related both to content and general administration. (This will be an important teaching/learning channel so do take the opportunity to use it if you feel that it helps your learning.)

We hope you enjoy the course topic as well as the course format, where you are in charge.

Robert, Mathias, Pontus, and Alexandre 



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