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EP2120: Internetworking (Internetteknik) (7.5 credits)
IK2218: Protocols and Principles of the Internet (Internets protokoll och principer) (6 credits)

A joint course by the Division of Network and Systems Engineering and the Division of Communication Systems, at the Department of Computer Science, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
This course was previously given under the codes 2E1605, 2G1305, 2D1392 and DD2392, DD2393.

The course will be given on KTH campus Valhallavägen.
EP2120 is a 7.5 ECTS credit course, while IK2218 is a 6 credit course.

Course Web

We currently use Canvas for this course. In Canvas, you can find the course here


D-students should register to IK2218 (or to EP2120 if you want to take the 7.5 ECTS version). E-students should register to EP2120. Other students can choose. You can not register for both courses.


Peter Sjödin Lectures, Labs, Course responsible IK2218 08
György Dán Lectures, Labs, Course responsible EP2120 08 7904253

If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact Peter Sjödin (IK2218) or György Dán (EP2120). Information about lab TAs can be found on Canvas.


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