Management of Networks and Networked Systems

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7.5 ECTS credits, period 1, instructor: Prof. Rolf Stadler

The course provides a modern introduction into network and systems management. Topics traditionally taught in network management courses, e.g., standards for management protocols, information models, and architectures, is given less space. Emphasis is put on new approaches, such as analytics-driven management, decentralized management, policy-based management and the management of new technologies.

The course includes lectures and a project that runs in parallel to the lectures.

The target audience for this course includes third- and fourth-year students from the D, E, I, and IT programs, the KTH master's programs and the KTH graduate schools.

A version of this course is offered to PhD students (EP3323). It covers the same lectures but a different project.

The course language is English.

Prerequisites for this course are a solid background in networking and in programming (Python).


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