Physiology in Extreme Environments

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Welcome to HL2040!

The course is cancelled for the fall semester of 2023

The objectives of the course are to provide the student knowledge concerning physiological responses and medical constraints during exposure to certain harsh environmental conditions, namely: high gravitoinertial (G) load, weightlessness, increased and reduced ambient pressure and hot and cold environments. The course will also highlight how humans make use of different devices, techniques and/or behavioural strategies to withstand such environments.

Course main content

The course will mainly be based on lectures. The lectures will cover physiological responses as well as constraints and countermeasures during exposure to high G loads, weightlessness, increased and reduced ambient pressure and hot and cold climates.

The course will also include demonstrations of a human-use centrifuge, hypo- and hyperbaric pressure chambers and physiological responses during local cold and heat exposures.

In addition, the students will be requested to participate in seminars concerning thermal physiology, altitude physiology, diving and hyperbaric physiology and acceleration and gravitational physiology.

All lectures, demos and seminars will take place in the seminar room and the laboratories of the Division of Environmental Physiology, KTH (Berzelius väg 13, Solna – located at campus Karolinska Institute).



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